Regular readers of En Brogue will know I have a penchant for (OK, OK – obsession with) animal print slippers and pumps. This extends into summer footwear too, though my sandal collection isn’t as large, mainly due to the lack of opportunity to wear them because of the increasingly weird British summertime.

DUO sandals

But it’s July now, and I will insist, even if it’s with cold toes, on wearing sandals whenever it’s dry. Today I went for a bonanza of print clashing, teaming these zebra print sandals by DUO with this lovely animal print bag from Mint Velvet (what animal even is that though? Brindle Greyhound? Answers on a postcard…) and a pair of Zara floral print trousers. This demonstrates perfectly why the animal print shoe is so brilliant: it goes with absolutely everything, even another print. Or two.

Russell & Bromley sandals (I didn’t go in Miu Miu – too dangerous!)

My love for the animal print sandal began a few summers ago when I bought these Russell & Bromley Dalmatian print sandals as an investment. And it was a good one! R&B’s shoes are always fabulous quality, and these still look good as new despite having been walked through deep seaweed on a bad beach walk on the Isle of Wight and dusted with orange dirt in the Tuscan foothills.

The good news about Britain’s recent tendency for Indian summers is that by the time you think about wearing sandals, most of them are in the sale. Here are my top picks available at the moment. Be warned: some of these low prices will be hard to resist!

Ravel, £45, at (BUY ME HERE!)
Marni, £210 at (BUY ME HERE!)
it’s that unidentified animal print again! striped hyena? any ideas? tweet me – @enbrogue – or leave a comment!
Faster, £25 reduced from £42, (BUY ME HERE!)
£19.99 reduced from £29.99, (BUY ME HERE!)
Sam Edelman, £59.49 reduced from £84.99, (BUY ME HERE!)

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