There are certain brands and styles of shoe that we revisit year after year. Their timeless design and reliable comfort just keep us coming back for more. Converse (I have accumulated 8 pairs over the years), Dr Martens, Havaianas, Clarks Originals Desert boots, Nike Air Max (Mr Brogue has been buying a new pair every six months for at least a decade, but that’s because he wears them out so fast)…the list goes on, and everyone has their favourites. But one brand many of us are slipping our feet back into at this time of year is Birkenstock.

Arizona in white, £44.95, (BUY ME HERE!)

I first bought some Birkenstocks about 12 years ago. They were a little like this pair I am sporting here, but in olive green. At first I wasn’t sure of their slightly geeky design, but I soon grew to love them as the comfort factor took over. This look works perfectly with the institutional chic that we saw on the AW13 catwalks from designers like J.W. Anderson (especially if the sandals are white), or as an alternative to Celine’s SS13 fur-lined pool sliders.

Celine pool sliders
Celine’s pool sliders. No fur lining for me thanks!


My mum got hooked when she borrowed mine because she broke her toe and couldn’t wear anything else. She’s now on her 3rd pair. Many of my male friends wear them every summer, and I think they look pretty good on a guy (so long as he takes good care of his toenails!). And there really is something for everyone, design-wise.

Arizona, £49.95, (BUY ME HERE!)
Arizona in grey suede, £59.95, (BUY ME HERE!)

I know plenty of you love Birkenstock too, because you tweet me pictures of you wearing them. So I thought I would see what they have on offer for the new season. As well as the white pair at the top, I’m rather keen on these tan ones with a flash of yellow on the sole. It’s exactly what I like in a shoe – an old classic with a contemporary twist. They also come in grey suede and turquoise if you’re looking for something more eye-catching.

Madrid in patent fossil, £36.95 (BUY ME HERE!)
Madrid in patent blue, £36.95, (BUY ME HERE!)

The other style that I’ve got my eye on is this single strap in patent, also with a bright sole. These are real kick on-kick offs, perfect for the summer (especially if you spend a lot of time at the beach). There are loads of colours available in this style, including more traditional shades of leather.

I’d love to see how you’re styling your Birkenstocks this summer (given the weather, maybe with socks – haha!), so keep tweeting me those pictures of your feet and I’ll share my favourites.

6 thoughts on “ stock up on Birkenstock ”

  1. I do love the style. I myself, being the cheapie that I am, own a cheaper version of these bad boys. Very comfy but there is a problem, the rather embarrassing sound they make when the air gets trapped, you know the sound I mean? Just wondering if actual real life birkens do the same??? X

    1. Hi Chloe! Yes, I do know what you mean! It’s annoying and can be embarrassing! In my experience though, this doesn’t happen with Birkenstocks. I too had the cheap ones first but Birkenstocks aren’t mega expensive and are made so well they last for years and years…

  2. Hi Hannah!
    My daughter (7) is desperate for a pair of Birks for school. I did offer to buy her some straight off the bat in May, but she eschewed them for something prettier. Now, after seeing all her friends in them, she has changed her mind. “I didn’t know they had such really cool toe bits, mummy.” I think she means the moulded toe indents. Anyway, I’m not buying her them because I don’t want her to end up spoiled. She made her choice: she has to stick with it. #harsh
    So I can’t post a photo but I will next year.

    1. I love this story. It might be harsh but a good lesson to learn! I was never allowed the red patent shoes from Startrite/Clarks when I was little because they weren’t practical for school. Maybe that’s where I get this constant practical thinking from! I still mourn for them though…

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