the perfectly chic (and totally rad) summer trainers

I think I might be having a mid-life crisis. Quarter-life crisis perhaps? Either way, I know someone my age shouldn’t suddenly want to take up skateboarding. I’m thirty-six for Pete’s sake! Yet this weekend I found myself uttering the words “I want one of those cool mini skateboards” to Mr Brogue, and so the seed was sewn. I’m blaming my most recent shoe purchase: these Liberty print YMC skate sneakers.

YMC LIberty print sneakers (BUY ME HERE!)
YMC LIberty print sneakers, £75, (BUY ME HERE!)

Oh, how I love these shoes! It’s all I can do to stop myself wearing them every day. They are obviously super comfortable because they are trainers, but they also have the added bonuses of being slip-on (and therefore slip-off; I like to work barefoot at my desk in the summer) and their ditsy floral print gives them a dash of femininity that means even my mum approved of them (she’s not usually a big fan of trainers). If you’d rather have something a bit less girly though, YMC also has this leopard pair in two colour ways.

leopard slip-ons, £75, (BUY ME HERE!)

At this point, I could start waxing lyrical about all the AMAAAAZING designer versions you can get at the moment, but I think it would be unfair to advise you to spend more than £100 on trainers that you’ll be wearing without socks. They’re going to smell pretty bad by the end of the summer. You might even have to throw them away. So Celine, Jimmy Choo and Givenchy’s skate shoes won’t be appearing in this post, lovely though they are. No, instead, I’ve picked some of the best options on the high street at the moment.

The original skate shoes! £52, (BUY ME HERE!)
tiger print sneaker, £39.99, (BUY ME HERE!)
Laurel, £95, (BUY ME HERE!)

Now, who dares me to finish my look with a Penny Skateboard too?!

Penny Skateboard, £100, (BUY ME HERE!)