OK, I’m not saying I’m anti-festival, nor am I denying that you’ll probably need a pair of wellies if you’re heading to a festival this summer. But I reckon we all need an antidote to the identikit uniform that magazines and street style pictures tell us we should be wearing to festivals at this time of year. I for one won’t be donning denim cut offs that expose my buttocks, paired with knee high Hunters and long socks (dodgy tan lines, anyone?!) and a crop top when I head to Bestival in September. No, I shall be kitted up in my usual attire of skinny turned up jeans, a zipped up parka, and – what one usually teams with such an outfit – ankle boots.

Bradwell, £69, hunter-boot.com (BUY ME HERE!)

This post was actually inspired not by festival season at all, but by this rather splendid pair of Hunter Chelsea boots. I spotted them on a girl in the street in Barcelona last month, where it was unseasonably tipping it down with torrential rain. From afar they looked like a lovely smart pair of patent leather Chelsea boots, but she was walking with such confidence through the flooded streets that I figured they MUST be wellies. So I chased after her down the road to take a closer look and this pair above is what I saw.

Ilse Jacobsen ankle wellies, ilsejacobsen.dk

I’ve been a fan of the ankle wellington – let’s call them ‘anklingtons’ – for a while now, as I own a brilliant pair like these by Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen. You can get much brighter colour options, but I love the plain black with a flash of colour on the sole (mine are black and orange – I’ve written about them before here). I’ve been like the girl in Barcelona when I’ve worn these, as strangers have stopped me in the street to take a closer look!

Miss Juliette Bottillon boot, £49, Aigle (BUY ME HERE!)
Chelsea boots, £180, Gucci (BUY ME HERE!)

The great thing about anklingtons is that you won’t feel silly wearing them outside of festival season. They’re smart enough to be a wet weather city boot. You won’t be embarrassed wearing them into a pub when you’ve gone on a country walk. You could even wear them to work, if your office dress code allows, as they look so smart they could pass as being leather. Plus, if the weather is actually warm enough during festival season to get your legs out in a (decent) pair of denim shorts, you’ll get a much better tan than in normal wellies.

Nicole wellies, £50, Tretorn (BUY ME HERE!)

6 thoughts on “ Anklingtons: The Anti-festival Wellington Boot ”

  1. I’m not normally a Gucci fan but those chelsea/wellington boots are making me wonder if I have £180 to spare (French mother’s day on Sunday, mmm just had an idea….)

  2. But I fancy the Ilse Jacobson ones. The Hunters come a very close second, but it’s those little colour flashes on the IJ ones that do it for me. Only thing is ….. Where can I buy them in the UK? I went onto their website and they only ship to Scandinavian countries. I am liking your new word .. Anklingtons!

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