Allow me to introduce you to my newest purchase: the Harriet boots by Folk. They were my birthday present to myself (you all buy a birthday present for yourself, right?) and I am in love with them. They look a bit like a desert boot, a lot like a moccasin, and are more comfortable than a pair of Nike Air Max.

Harriet boots, £170, by Folk ( BUY ME HERE!

This particular style also comes in brown (here) or neon pink (here), and Folk also has some even more moccasin-y boots – the Charlie – in the same shades.

Folk Charlie white
Charlie boots, £250, by Folk ( BUY ME HERE!
Folk Charlie sand
Charlie boots, £250, by Folk ( BUY ME HERE!


Just when I thought Folk were the only ones making white moccasin hybrid boots, I stumbled across these by YMC. They feel a bit more Pocahontas with their fringing, and will require a fair amount of leather protection before wearing (as did my Folk boots; the Lamb’s Conduit store provided me with everything I needed) but will look very cute with a floral tea dress once (IF!!) the weather improves. They’re not available online just yet (I saw these in the press showroom) but should be very soon.

YMC moccasin boots, available soon

As I was wandering through SoHo planning this post, these final boots caught my eye. They were in the window of somewhere I don’t usually associate with stylish flat shoes: UGG. But how stylish are these?! And at just £65, they are the cheapest of the lot. I’m pleased this brand is putting more effort into summer footwear, and it’s doing a pretty good job so far.

Azin boots, £65, by UGG ( BUY ME HERE!

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic FOUR DAY WEEKEND! I’m off to drink lots of wine…

2 thoughts on “ forgive me Lord, for I have moccasinned… ”

  1. Well they are very lovely indeed. As are the Ugg ones, which is a surprise. I’m in agreement re birthday presents for oneself. Who else knows exactly what it is that you want?!

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