The inspiration for today’s post came from an unusual source: Pope Benedict XVI. After he announced his resignation earlier today, I spent some time researching his sartorial habits (I don’t usually pay much attention to papal fashion, I admit) and stumbled across his well documented penchant for red smoking slippers.

they thought the pope wore Prada, but the Vatican denied that these were vintage designer shoes back in 2006

Well, it just so happens that if you fancied getting yourself a pair of red smoking slippers – and I’m talking about properly stylish ones, not old bloke religious-y ones – you’d certainly not have any trouble. Here are my favourites available at the moment.

ruby slippers from Jemima Vine.
Edie, £149, BUY ME HERE!
continental chic from Boden
Lounge shoe, £79, BUY ME HERE!
cute as a button from Charlotte Olympia
Kitty Flats, £465, BUY ME HERE!
iconic skulls from Alexander McQueen
velvet slippers, £340, BUY ME HERE!
budget beauties from New Look
red slippers, £15.99, BUY ME HERE!

2 thoughts on “ divine inspiration ”

  1. Funnily enough I was in Cos yesterday and was very tempted by a pair of shoes almost exactly the same as Benedict’s. Not in red but a very very dark blue, which possibly could have been black – my eyes often do that – red looks fab with his white and gold outfit, dark navy/black better for my less elaborate outfits!

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