a funny for Monday

A very silly story for you today: behold, the brogue mobile phone!



This creation is a collaboration between artist Sean Miles and O2 to highlight the importance of recycling old handsets. Nokia and LG handsets have been upcycled into these brogues, some Louboutin heels (I’m not featuring those for obvious reasons!) and Hunter wellies to make fully functional ‘walkie talkies’.


ImageAs this picture demonstrates, they might not be entirely practical to use as both a shoe and a communication device, unless you are particularly good at yoga and are bendy enough to be able to lift your foot to your ear.

ImageI think these Nike Air trainers are probably the most practical, as deciding where to keep your phone when you go out for a run is always a tricky decision, though you’d need a pretty long set of headphones if you wanted to listen to music at the same time…

“Hello? Yes, I’m fine thanks. Except for my one very wet foot”

Anyway, it made me laugh! 




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