So you think Fred Perry shoes are all about sneakers? Think again. On a recent trip to its Seven Dials store (which is awesome, by the way; a converted pub with excellent tiles and very well dressed shop assistants) I discovered that it’s really upped its game as far as shoe design is concerned. Sadly, some of my favourite styles only start at a size 6, but as many of you won’t have silly tiny size 4 feet like me, I thought you’d probably like to hear about them.

Drake’s Davies Paisley shoe, £110, BUY ME HERE!

This first pair is a collaboration with Drake’s of London as part of the Laurel Wreath Collection. When I stumbled across them a few weeks ago on the website I was gutted that they were in the men’s section. “Men aren’t that flamboyant” I thought, “men wouldn’t be brave enough to wear those. What a waste!” but I showed them to Mr Brogue and was pleased to learn that he loved them too.  Sometimes it’s good to be proved wrong! Besides, they start at size 6, so will fit most women anyway.

George Cox suede Gibson shoe, £165, BUY ME HERE!

Next up, these fabulous creepers, a Laurel Wreath Collection collaboration with George Cox, and they go as small as a size 3.5. I’ve resisted the creeper trend for years now (I know; why?!) but I’ve finally given in to the temptation. I love the pointy toe and golden colour. They look great with skinny leather trousers and a long-line cardigan.

Nova leather boot, £90, BUY ME HERE!

Fred Perry also has a brilliant selection of Chelsea-style boots, again in women’s sizes. These pull-ons are lovely and lightweight, so have the comfort of a sneaker and the style of a leather shoe combined. The brogues come in tan or brown, or if you prefer something more akin to a safari boot, there’s navy or claret suede versions too.

Read my guest Christmas edit on the Fred Perry blog here.

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