It’s funny where you find inspiration. Yesterday I posted a picture on Facebook of me and my dog from the mid-80s and was struck by the Clarks navy T-bar Mary Janes I was wearing in the photo. I remember my mum always insisting that I wore well-fitting school shoes – which I hated at the time because I wanted the red shiny ones the popular girls had – but now not only do I have relatively nice feet that aren’t disfigured by ill-fitting shoes, I also find myself strangely drawn to the similar styles available at the moment.

my first day at school

Here I am, aged four, on my first day at school. A rare chance, readers, for you to see my face. Anyway, LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! I suspect they were either from Clarks or Start-right (if it was the latter, I would have been very excited because there was a massive rocking horse in the children’s fitting room) and I know they would have been comfortable.

Topshop Marge Mary Jane shoe, £35, BUY ME HERE!

Topshop has a very similar style in store now. They are the same shade of burgundy (which, incidentally, is tres en vogue generally this season) but are sadly lacking that V-bar that my school shoes have. At only £35 though, you can’t complain.

Dr Martens Polley shoe, £90, BUY ME HERE!

My first pair of Dr Martens were also school shoes, before I progressed to my eight hole cherry reds in the sixth form, but were lace-ups rather than the T-bars you see here. This built up sole gives them a childlike proportion and I think they’d look great with grey ribbed tights.

YMC Mary Jane platform, £195, BUY ME HERE!

This last pair, from YMC, is my favourite. They do come in a uniform-friendly navy but these red ones are much more exciting. Plus I think four year-old me would have thoroughly approved. The funny thing is, I think the one person who wouldn’t approve of me wearing chunky Mary Jane shoes as an adult is my mum. Sometimes, you just can’t win!

4 responses to “The Jesus and Mary Janes”

  1. rolleiflexes Avatar

    Oooh I had the same ones in the 70s. Clarks. And I had the Dr M version in the 90s.

  2. en brogue Avatar

    What goes around comes around…

  3. AS Avatar

    Ooh I just bought a pair of very ‘special’ flat shoes in Office, like the ones my uncle used to wear to correct his hip op with the ‘invisi’ heel. Love them.

    1. en brogue Avatar

      Haha! Brilliant.

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