Kings of Neon

Neon can be a tricky trend to wear. It says “look at me!” and “I’m a bit whacky!”, and reminds those of us old enough to remember of Timmy Mallett and questionable cycling shorts/crop top combos from Tammy Girl. I find neon far less scary in moderation; a fluoro necklace here, a pop of colour on a bag there. Or how about a flash of elastic on your boots?


I love the neon detailing on these Penelope Chilvers safari boots. It’s the perfect statement if you’re dying to experiment with colour, but aren’t quite brave enough to wear that Acne lime mohair sweater. I can tell you from experience that PC’s safari boots are comfortable and durable, so are a really good investment buy. These also come in black, tan and chocolate.

£60, reduced from £95,

Urban Outfitters have jumped aboard with bright elastics too. These suede Chelsea boots are currently in the sale and come in a tan/yellow colour option too. A great buy if you suspect this is a trend you will tire of come next season.


This final option –’s brogue Chelsea boots – is my favourite, though. There’s something about that mix of traditional polished leather alongside such a vibrant colour that’s really unusual, yet very familiar. And 60 quid for a leather boot is an absolute steal!

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