A few years ago, I would have been very unsure about wearing leopard print shoes (people will shout “Bet Lynch” and point at my feet!). That was before these Pretty Ballerinas pumps came into my life. I soon discovered, to my delight, that they literally went with everything. I dressed them up with a red fitted dress, and down with skinny jeans. I loved how the leopard print clashed with a Breton stripe. They looked brilliant with grey tights. I could go on.

£169, prettyballerinas.com

Sadly – and unusually for me, given my enormous shoe collection which allows me to wear a different pair of shoes every day for a month – I actually wore my Pretty Ballerinas until they fell apart. That’s not to say they weren’t well made, more that they survived the battering of being worn in all weather conditions every week for two years. That’s not bad for a humble ballet pump. Their successors are these slipper style shoes from Office which, although I love the more masculine shape, don’t quite live up to the memory.

similar styles at office.co.uk

If I was to buy one pair of leopard print shoes this season though, it would be these Chelsea boots from Zara. Zara has a bit of a reputation for making uncomfortable shoes but the good news is that this only applies to its heels. I’ve only ever had good experiences with Zara’s flat shoes and boots, so these feline fancies may well be my next stylish flat purchase.

£79.99, zara.com

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