Brace yourselves: you’re about to be confronted with the least appropriate footwear for a) this terrible rain and b) late September. RAFFIA SANDALS.


Right now, Planet Fashion is thinking about NEXT summer. Yep, when you were unpacking your winter jumpers and dreaming of sheepskin lined boots yesterday, Dolce & Gabbana was tempting us with peep toes at its catwalk show in Milan. Of all things! But really, who cares when they look like this?

It’s not like my budget actually stretches to buying a pair, and even if it did, I’d have to add on the cost of a beach holiday because Britain doesn’t have a real summer anymore. But here’s hoping that the high street will take inspiration and conjure up some similar designs come spring. Because if there are some cheery homages in, say, River Island, I don’t think I will be able to resist. Practical or not.

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