Anyone in the south of the UK today will know that the weather is appalling. It is WET. The rain is coming down like stair rods, as my grandmother would say. But I was actually quite excited when I saw the forecast, as it meant I’d get to wear these brilliant Millbank boots from Hunter.

They’ve borrowed their design from a certain well-known basketball boot manufacturer, which means they don’t even look like wellies from a distance. Perfect for wearing around towns and cities if you think a full-on knee high waterproof is a bit over-the-top and you like a turn up on your jeans.

(OK, if I’m honest, I didn’t spend that long outside, and am now going to spend the rest of the day under a blanket, drinking tea, eating roast beef and watching Downton. Just generally being a British stereotype.)

If you want to get a pair for yourself, they’re £70 at

2 thoughts on “ These are wellingtons Jim, but not as we know it ”

  1. If I wasn’t already cooking you a roast beef dinner (yes I’m pretty amazing it’s true) then these boots would demand a walk in the rain to a country pub.

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