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what to buy in the sales part 1: they’re still expensive, but they’re REALLY nice!

WARNING: in the first instalment of my sales round up, I’m looking at shoes that still cost more than your weekly grocery shop. Or your monthly shop, in some cases. The shoes I’ve spent the most money on I’ve usually bought in the sales – so the sale price is still higher than I’d normally spend, but the shoes are so beautiful and so special, and I’ve been swooning over them for so long, that it’s been worth it. Some of you might think I’m mad, but I know some of you have treated yourselves to a few of these already! You might recognise a couple of the pairs below from my own collection, too…

Me in my Barbour Ryde brogues, £100 reduced from £159, (BUY ME HERE!)

The style name of this first pair just so happens to be the name of my home town on the Isle of Wight (where I am typing from right now!) which makes them all the more special for me. I LOVE these brogues – they’re very heavy but very comfortable, and the weight means they make a reassuringly loud noise when you walk in them. They have a two-tone sole which is GORGEOUS and the claret colour goes with everything. There are still plenty of sizes available online.

Grenson Amelia
Grenson Amelia boots, £120 reduced from £210, (BUY ME HERE!)

The Grenson sale has been on since before Christmas, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to snap up a pair. I’ve chosen to showcase these Amelia boots not just because they are dead nice, but because there are quite a few sizes left.

Penelope Chilvers
Penelope Chilvers Chelsea boots, £199 reduced from £299, (BUY ME HERE!)

This lovely cow print boot from one of my favourite brands, Penelope Chilvers, is well stocked, size-wise, and also comes in a Zebra print if you prefer monochrome. Well worth the investment as Penelope’s boots are REALLY well made.

Northern Cobbler Squawfish monk shoes, £184 reduced from £230, (BUY ME HERE!)

As featured in my book (and on my feet), these Northern Cobbler double monks have just been reduced. I get SO MANY compliments when I wear these shoes – they’re just beautiful. I love that the brogue pattern is unusually asymmetric  and they’re super comfortable, too.  If you didn’t get a copy of my book in your Christmas stocking, you can also pick one up on the accessories page of the Northern Cobbler website while you are there – and it comes with a free leather book mark!

Kenzo at shoescribe
Kenzo boots, £209 reduced from £278, (BUY ME HERE!)

The sale is looking great, not only because of these snazzy ankle boots by Kenzo, but all the other brands stocked there too. I pretty much only ever shop on this website when the sale is on as it’s so brilliant and well worth waiting for. The reductions are great and there’s absolutely loads to choose from – for bigger and smaller budgets alike.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Suno
Nicholas Kirkwood for Suno kiltie shoes, £413 reduced from £590, (BUY ME HERE!)

Finally, a brief look at Nicholas Kirkwood’s sale. OK, OK, I know these are still the price of a small car, but they’re pretty amazing. Nicholas Kirkwood is to shoes what Ed Sheeran is to pop music – innovative (I stand by this statement – that song Sing is really clever!), quirky and EVERYONE wants to work with him. As well as this collaboration with Suno, Kirkwood works with top London Fashion Week designers Roksanda, Erdem and Peter Pilotto to produce their catwalk shoes. So if you can afford them, why not, I say. You’re buying into a piece of fashion history.

Next time – what to buy in the sales that’s DIRT CHEAP (hurrah!).







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Check, check, check, check it out

As with about 50% of the trends on the high street, you can blame Celine’s Phoebe Philo for the current trend for tartan skate shoes. I have to say, I wasn’t sure about it at first (the check looked a little bit too much like cheap laundry bags for my liking) but I’ve really come round to these heritage print sneakers, especially now that you can pick them up for a MUCH lower price than Celine was charging in the summer. And they feel particularly seasonal too, so great to wear at Christmas. Plus – and see my last post for details – there’s nothing quite as convenient as a slip-on (and therefore slip-off) pair of shoes at this time of year. Here are a few of my favourite styles…

River Island
HOW MUCH?! These plimsolls have been reduced to TEN POUNDS! #steal £10, (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 15.24.21
A bit more pricey, but PROPER nice. £225, (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 15.42.49
I love that these have a tweed feel to them. £39.99, (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 15.09.28
White jeans looks brilliant with a lighter design of plaid like this. £195 reduced to £117, by Markus Lupfer at (BUY ME HERE!)
Senso at ASOS
Reduced from £115 to £69, Senso at (BUY ME HERE!)
Reduced from £96.53 to 67.57, by Diesel at (BUY ME HERE!)
This print will look just as great in the summer. £175 by Aglattilio Giusti Leombruni at (BUY ME HERE!)
This print will look just as great in the summer. £175 by Aglattilio Giusti Leombruni at (BUY ME HERE!)









why smoking slippers are the perfect shoes for Christmas Day

It’s a week until Christmas Eve! Which has me thinking about my Christmas Day outfit already (I know, I know – but I like to forward plan!). And other than the actual slippers that you’ll no doubt be given and have to wear at some point (hopefully from Mahabis or UGG – my favourite slippers) I reckon you can’t go wrong with a pair of smoking slippers on Christmas Day. Why? For starters, they often come in snazzy festive materials like velvet, pony skin or metallics. They’re slip-on, slip-off, so perfect to kick off in the evening when you all settle down to watch the Eastenders Christmas special/play the Pointless board game/sleep off the turkey. And best of all, they go with absolutely everything from an LBD to boyfriend jeans. Here’s my pick of the best if you fancy treating yourself this week, though do check delivery options if you really need these by Christmas Day – otherwise, I suggest some good old fashioned in person shopping in an actual shop…

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 09.09.05
Penelope Chilvers is the queen of dandy slippers. Pick anything from velvet with flamingo or palm tree motifs to these blue cow print beauties. £279, (BUY ME HERE!)
There’s something very festive about tartan, and these slippers from ASOS will leave you plenty of pounds to buy Christmas presents, too. £22, (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 09.26.44
Match your shoes to the Christmas decorations! £185, (BUY ME HERE!)
Luxe for less – embossed leather is a great alternative to real snake skin (particularly if you’re going to be eating the nut roast). £19.99, (BUY ME HERE!)
Jemima Vine
I’ll admit to being totally shameless in my self promotion – there are still a limited number of my collaboration slippers with Jemima Vine available. £159, (BUY ME HERE!)







I discovered this brand recently – they only make leather slippers! £190, (BUY ME HERE!)
Lucy Choi
The metal toe cap on this pair will keep the velvet protected. £155, (BUY ME HERE!)





En Brogue Christmas cards


I’m not quite at the point where I can manufacture my own Christmas cards just yet (hopefully by next year!) but here’s the next best thing. Simply download this PDF from the link below and you can print your own En Brogue Christmas cards! I recommend a stiff white card to print on, then simply trim to the black marker lines et voila! The perfect Christmas card for brogue lovers and snazzy sock wearers everywhere. Oh, and if you were wondering, that’s my Grenson Emily Oxfords making a star appearance on the card.

Click here – StepintoChristmas_card – then export as a PDF to save to your desktop

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brand alert: Anne Thomas

I’ve loved picking up fashion from the continent since I was a kid (I had a fine collection of fluorescent bracelets from French markets when I was 11 that was the envy of all my school friends) so I was thrilled to stumble across French brand Anne Thomas recently. What I love about buying abroad is that you’re so unlikely to ever see anyone else wearing the same thing when you get home, and Anne Thomas isn’t currently stocked in the UK (though it will be stocked in KJ’s Laundry in Marylebone in the summer – #winning).

me in my Anne Thomas Mont Blanc boots
me in my Anne Thomas Mont Blanc boots

There are no heels in this collection at all, just lovely flats. All are slightly unusual but in a totally wearable way. My boots are a wallabee-style in soft, sturdy leather with a bouncy rubber sole. As far as comfort goes, these are an absolute dream. Anne herself was originally known as a ceramics designer before she branched out into jewellery and accessories, and I think this shows in her attention to detail like the asymmetric zip on the Boston boots below.

Anne Thomas 1
Mister Thomas boots, €270, by Anne Thomas at (BUY ME HERE!)
Anne Thomas 4
Boston boots, €270 by Anne Thomas at (BUY ME HERE!)

Although they’re quite hard to get hold of at the moment, you can buy online at who ship to the UK, or if you happen to be in Paris pop into Galeries Lafayatte who also stock the brand (for a full list of stockists, click here). It’s well worth the effort I reckon – these are the sorts of shoes people will stop you in the street and ask you about!

Anne Thomas 2
Boston shoes, €225 by Anne Thomas
Anne Thomas 6
Victoria boots, €260, by Anne Thomas at (BUY ME HERE!)
Anne Thomas 5
Mister Thomas shoes, €220 by Anne Thomas at (BUY ME HERE!)







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Hi ho ho silver – 8 party flats to see you through the festive season

Party season: a phrase that fills girls who hate sparkly dresses and heels with dread. I for one would much rather just sling on my best jeans, a cashmere sweater and a slick of eyeliner when I’m off to a mulled wine gathering. But, as you know, I am partial to a snazzy pair of shoes, so will sanction the use of metallics and glitter when it’s confined to a place you wouldn’t expect to see it, like a masculine pair of shoes. This Christmas I’m motioning for tomboys everywhere to buck the dress code and invest in a pair of amazing silver masculine shoes to wear with whatever the hell you like. Because when your feet are this well dressed, no-one cares what the rest of your outfit looks like.

Russell and Bromley
1. Russell and Bromley Cadogen boots £215, (BUY ME HERE!) I love that the silver is matt, making these the subtle choice in silver Chelsea boots
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.12.25
2. Topshop Fleetwood monks £32, (BUY ME HERE!) Looking for a frivolous panic buy for the office party? You can’t argue with this price.


Dr Martens
3. Dr Martens Irene shoes £245, (BUY ME HERE!) The mix of print and metallic leather is just gorgeous


4. Grenson Rose Oxfords, £205, (BUY ME HERE!) You deserve a Christmas treat!
5. Miista Sandra boots, £168, (BUY ME HERE!) If you insist on wearing a LBD, at least have the decency to wear some silver crocodile boots with it
6. Dune Leni lace-ups £60, (BUY ME HERE!) Nothing says Christmas like a bit of sparkle – just don’t feel obliged to wear it head-to-toe!
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.50.47
7. Marssi Derby shoes $395, (BUY ME HERE!) Australian readers – these are SO NICE! This Aussie brand ships worldwide, too.
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.12.13
8. Zara loafers £49.99, (BUY ME HERE!) These would look great with a mini skirt

I’d love to see what party shoes you’re wearing this festive season – don’t forget to tweet me pictures of your feet to @EnBrogue.










5 stocking fillers under £20 for the girl who loves flat shoes

(NB: regular readers – you might want to leave this post accidentally open on the home computer…)

Hi boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/brothers/sons/dads and anyone else who is stumped on what Christmas present to buy the girl in their life who loves flat shoes! *waves*

Now, I know that what you REALLY want to do is buy her that gorgeous pair of Grenson shoes she’s been going on about ALL YEAR. But you can’t afford it and slippers from Primark just won’t do will they? So I’ve put together a list of stocking fillers that will set you back no more than £20 while still showing that you’ve been paying attention to what she likes. You’re welcome.

1. A pair of snazzy socks

Happy Socks 1
paisley socks, £8, (BUY ME HERE!)

If she’s into her brogues, chances are she’s also partial to a snazzy pair of socks. Happy Socks (designed in Sweden – totally cool) has a MASSIVE choice, with everything from multi-coloured leopard print to classic Argyle. There’s literally something for everyone.

2. A shoe care kit

John Lewis shoe kit
shoe care kit, £12, (BUY ME HERE!)

For the most part, you’ll find these in the ‘for him’ sections in stores. Why retailers think that women don’t need to clean their shoes I don’t know. Anyway, this one is cheap enough to a) add a suede brush (essential – John Lewis has one for only £3.50 here) and b) put it all in a more appealing bag. Or you could just cover a shoe box in Liberty print wrapping paper and pop it all in there. Job done.

3. Sheepskin insoles

Hunter insoles
shearling insoles, £15, (BUY ME HERE!)

These tick so many boxes it’s a no brainer. They’re a designer label, but nice and affordable. They transform a pair of shoes or wellies she already owns, so you don’t need to buy actual shoes. And I can tell you, because I have some, that they are AMAZING and keep your feet really warm. You might want to get a pair for yourself while you’re there…

4. A pair of shoe trees

Dasco shoe tree
Dasco cedar shoe tree, £15.50, the (BUY ME HERE!)

Anyone who cares about their shoes wants to keep them in good condition, and these shoe trees stop soft leather shoes losing their shape when they’re not being worn. Extra marks if you can find some vintage ones as the wood is so much more beautiful – try eBay and junk stores.

5. A book about stylish flat shoes

En Brogue: Love Fashion. Love Shoes. Hate Heels. £10 (published by Saltyard) available at Waterstones, Amazon, Anthropologie and all good book stores (BUY ME HERE!)

*shameless self-promotion face* So….I just so happen to have written a book about stylish flat shoes that’s the PERFECT Christmas gift for your shoe-loving girl. It’s only £10 and it’s small enough to fit into a stocking! It’s full of interesting facts about shoes (did you know the Nike Air Max is modelled on the Pompidou Centre in Paris?) as well as my illustrations and photos of loads of lovely shoes. I reckon she’ll LOVE it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 09.59.51

see all my favourite Clarks styles for next season now

I know you lot love Clarks, so I thought you’d like a sneak peak at some of the styles on offer for next season (yes, we magazine people are harping on about summer ALREADY). Clarks seems to be getting better and better each season, and although I always particularly look forward to the Originals and Orla Kiely collections, there are some lovely styles in the main line too.

Main line

Busby Folly in rose gold
Busby Folly in rose gold

I really liked the Busby Folly range for AW14 (especially the bottle green patent ones) so I’m pleased to see the style carried through for another season. They’ve gone a bit snazzier in rose gold and snake print, and are all the better for it.


Busby Folly in snake print
Busby Folly in snake print

I also really loved these loafer-sneaker hybrids in lemon yellow. Sadly it’s the only colour they come in but if you’re only going to do one colour, make it yellow I say!

sporty tassel loafers
sporty tassel loafers


The classic desert boot comes in chalky pastel colours for next season, and I was also delighted to see these floral Wallabees in small sizes. YAY! Let’s hope that goes all the way through into production – it’s annoying when we girls don’t get the chance to wear some of the styles in the Originals range. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of Wallabees since watching Breaking Bad but haven’t been able to track down any size 4s. Unless they have a wedge heel, and I’m OBVIOUSLY not going there!

pastel Desert boots
pastel Desert boots
paisley Wallabees - I'll take t
floral Wallabees – I’ll take take those in navy please!


Orla Kiely

This is the bit you’ve all ben waiting for, I know.

school uniform chic - love it!
school uniform chic – love it!

Next season’s Orla collection is Sixties inspired, as you would expect, and has a good focus on flats which hasn’t always been the case so I’m pleased about that! There are masculine loafers and feminine T-bars too, as well as the gorgeous geeky T-bars above. It’s a shame they don’t all come with these lovely display backgrounds too! I can’t get enough of an Orla print, me…

Orla Barbara (great Sixties name!)
Orla Barbara (great Sixties name!)
VERY snazzy loafers
VERY snazzy loafers


Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 12.19.59

WIN a pair of habbot shoes with En Brogue

Now I’ve got your attention, let’s talk snazzy shoes. habbot might not be a brand you’re familiar with unless you live in Australia, because that’s where this brand is based. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, geography isn’t a problem if you want to get your hands on a pair of habbot shoes because they ship worldwide for a fixed fee of a very reasonable $35. Even better, if you enter the En Brogue competition, you could WIN this gorgeous pair of two-tone wing tip loafers with gold tassels. Mmmm, dapper.


habbot with text

To enter, simply share my illustration of the shoes on Instagram tagging @habbot and @EnBrogue and include the hashtag #EnBrogueloveshabbot before MIDNIGHT (GMT) on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 23rd. YOU’VE ONLY GOT A COUPLE OF DAYS SO HURRY! The winner will be picked at random.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 18.14.20
Journal, $390, (BUY ME HERE!)
Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 18.16.34
Hatter, $390, (BUY ME HERE!)

If you’re not lucky enough to win the shoes, do head to habbot’s website to check out the rest of the beautiful collection. I love these unusual designs – perfect for those of you who want to let your feet do the talking!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 18.15.29
Journal, $390 (BUY ME HERE!) and Quill, $360 (BUY ME HERE!) both at




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Vans X Liberty: the new collection

One of my best ever purchases was a pair of Liberty print skate shoes. OK, I admit they aren’t by the original skate shoe brand – Vans – but my Y.M.C. floral print sneakers get me more compliments than most of my other shoes. So as they’re starting to look a bit tatty (I’ve worn them A LOT), I reckon it’s time to invest in a new pair. And it just so happens that tomorrow (November 17th), Vans launches its fourth collaboration with Liberty Art Fabrics.

Vans x Liberty_Old Skool_Holiday 2014
Vans X Liberty Old Skool sneakers, £55,

There’s something about Liberty print that works particularly well on trainers – Nike has done it, Y.M.C. has done it, Gola has done it – so it’s great that Vans is into its fourth season and these prints are GORGEOUS. Though I don’t know how they ever make a decision; I had the privilege of seeing some of the hundreds of Liberty swatches in the store archives earlier this year (there’s even an Isle of Wight print – imagine how excited I’d be if someone put that on a sneaker!) and the choice is insane!

Vans x Liberty_Authentic_Holiday 2014
Vans X Liberty Authentic, £50,
Vans x Liberty_Sk8-Hi Reissue_Holiday 2014
Vans X Liberty Sk8-Hi Reissue, £57,

You’d be surprised how much of your wardrobe a pair of floral trainers goes with. They look great if you wear all black and make your feet a point of interest. They’d also set off a pair of grey tailored trousers a treat. And they look cool with a leather pencil skirt and a sweatshirt. I like to wear mine with a classic Breton stripe and denim dungarees – the ultimate stylish weekend outfit. My favourite style is the Old Skool sneakers (top) – what’s yours? Leave comments below – I’d love to know!

Vans x Liberty_Era_Holiday 2014
Vans X Liberty Era, £52,
Vans x Liberty_Classic Slip-On_Holiday 2014
Vans X Liberty Classic Slip-On, £50,